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A Demon’s Confession

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Ања Петровић студенткиња МАС Англистике
A Demon’s Confession / Anja Petrović

A Demon’s Confession


A wicked creature such as I
Has been around from the dawn of time
For what I’ve seen from the human race
Is that they are not the ones to change their ways

Of course, they built nations where once deserts lay
And till new land in less than a day
Changing nature from primitive to civil
And teaching themselves new ways of livin’

Yet no matter how far they seem to have come
It takes the greed of one person to have it all undone
Empires would be burned down, millions killed
Just for a new ideology to be fulfilled

A few decades would pass, but nothing would be learned
So soon enough what has been rebuilt is now burnt
Power and wealth is what they all seem to seek
However, forgetting their days are short so to speak

They are but a minute in my long time
And will cease to exist before I finish this rhyme
Insignificant and meaningless their lives tend to be
To the course of time and a demon like me

Their bodies are weak and easily hurt
Yet containing something not so easily burnt
Their soul is the only thing worth my while
For it feeds my hunger and greatest desire

At first, I didn’t pick which ones to eat
Be rotten or kind, they all tasted sweet
Their names, their faces I’d forget in an instant
And they’d cease to be as if never existent

Many a soul have I so consumed
Yet my hunger seemed to always be renewed
So I decided to opt for those rare of a kind
And took my time before such I would find

And find I did, it belonged to a boy quite proud
Who’d do anything to keep his sinful crown
His soul was dark and full of despair
Yet one that required my utmost care

Three years I’ve spent by this boy’s side
When the British empire was at its prime
He made me obey and serve his will
Making it so that his every wish was fulfilled

Never before has anyone made such a request
For me to live among humans and perform without rest
So I took my time by the side of my lord
Knowing well that the hustle would be worth my reward

His eyes, his voice, I still remember quite well
And the taste of the soul he was so willing to sell
So after my hunger was finally fed
I felt satisfied and one could say content

Now once again I passed time on my own
Roaming the globe and the places well-known
A decade or more has so gone by
Until my hunger returned in a blink of an eye

Thus, I was back in search of my new meal
And a desperate man who would make the deal
No surprise that those were easy to find
Because, after all, we are dealing with mankind

However, it seemed that to my great despair
All of their souls were of a kind not rare
Little time on them did I waste
And soon couldn’t recall how they even taste

Henceforth, the only reason that I stayed on this earth
Was to watch them murder and destroy all that is worth
Seeing that the human nature which I know
Remained the same as it was long ago

Yet suddenly from my thoughts I was awoken
By a cry for me that had been spoken
Intrigued I appeared at the scene of the crime
Feeling like this one would be worth my time

To my surprise, the one who called me was a girl
Unlike many men that came before her
Determine and commanding was her tone
And no fear before me had she shown

Yet her soul wasn’t like the ones I’ve seen
It was uncorrupt and even clean?
Either way, it would make one hell of a feast
For it was rare to find, to say the least

What she asked of me was to protect and obey
And without fail by her side stay
She laid down the rules to served as my guide
Which meant that, once again, to a human I was tied

Yet to serve underneath this new lord
Was easy and brought me no trouble at all
Ten years I spent by this girl’s side
Which was more than my previous deals combined

And during those years I have gotten to know
Every ounce and inch of that alluring soul
Thus, any desire once felt could not compare
To the one I had now for this soul so rare

That’s why I convinced myself I needed more time
Before her soul could become irrevocably mine
Yet all the while starving and desperate did I await
For the girl to finally meet her fate

And it turned out I didn’t need to wait long
As misfortune did suddenly come along
Weak and pale she drew her last breath
As she lay before my feet, awaiting death

And that’s when it happened, not knowing why
I spared her life, for I couldn’t let her die
Slowly, she looked at me with her mismatched eyes
And that’s when I knew this one would be my demise

Still I made it look like it was all part of our deal
For my true intentions never to reveal
Yet it was plain to see, deny it as I may
Each time I looked at her my eyes gave me away

Heavy-hearted, I confess to my mistake
As I realize there will be no cure for this ache
For never before had I known how it felt
To love something that could be touched by death

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